Bid for Bell Batov is off!

July 23, 2008
Manchester United supporters of the Scandinavian club have admitted that they mistakenly quoted Ferguson in an interview published on their sites, including the Red Devils manager said, has proved to bid for Tottenham striker Bell Batov dimitar. During the interview, published last Thursday, but due to take off, Ferguson had quoted him as saying: the United Nations submitted a proposal, Bulgaria.
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Alex Ferguson told Ronaldo

July 22, 2008
Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson told Ronaldo, Real Madrid will join ‘the worst thing he can do’. This year 23-year-old winger, has been under sustained transfer speculation throughout the summer, and the real openly admitted that they want to sign Ronaldo and the players refused commitment to the United Nations.

Ronaldo’s future?

July 21, 2008
Ronaldo continued to maintain the Commission on Youth, his future, despite the Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson’s optimism ahead will stay at Old Trafford.

Ferguson met with Real Madrid, Ronaldo’s goal clear – – air talks on Monday insisted that he is confident that players will still be at Old Trafford next season.

However, Ronaldo – who is on vacation in the United States, because of his recovery from ankle surgery – has yet to make a clear decision on its future.

“I have hundreds of issues on the Manchester United and Real Madrid team,” he told ESPN’s “how do you think I say« As I will, or Where do I live »

“I do not know the future, only God knows. I can not say more.

“Great players always chased by the big club, this is a normal situation, there are other great players in the market who is a good and the other club’s hopes.

‘I have been chasing, not just this year. This is not surprising, I see what happens’.

Madrid is reportedly ready to offer Ronaldo as the astronomical pay packages, while the United States and the Managing Director David Gill is adamant he will not get a pay rise, if he stay in the United States.

“He’s in the past 18 months before the contract and on where he is, in our income level, he is doing so well,” he said.

When asked if the players are acting in order to obtain a higher salary, from the United States, Gill said: “possible, but not necessarily, if the figures bandied around Real Madrid is a fact, we will not be anywhere near it, it will Crazy ‘.

On the contrary, the so-called gills of players show the commitment and loyalty.

“Players are under contract, thereby strengthening and rights with Manchester United, added:” Gill.

“I think we have very clear that all along that Ronaldo has received a contract until 2012, he was a valuable member of the team, so this is the case.

‘Of course, there are some problems there, but it is for Alex and that is why Xu had a meeting to discuss things, to our point of view.

‘I believe that Chris made his views, and hope that we can move forward.

“All we are doing, effectively, it is clear that we have a player who is one of the best in the world.

“He has signed a new contract, his third with us, only 18 months later, his past.

‘With this, we believe that some of the responsibility and obligation.

“There is a pay increase, we clearly believe that there must be some commitment and loyalty, he can not just say, ‘I have access to it, but I will leave a year down the road, especially the end of the season, we have Just experienced.

“This is a two-way street and the conclusion of the contract, with a view to have such a commitment.”

But Ronaldo, who signed a new contract at Old Trafford 18 months ago, he claimed that any decision will be based on the future of the currency.

“I want to be happy, no matter where I play,” he added. “I can be happy anywhere, if I were I think, if I animation, motivation.

“My motivation to continue in the United States« I have always been the motive.

‘I’m ambitious, I will always be better. I do not know the future, but I will motive.

Ronaldo will be three months, as he recovered from the operation.

And the winger claimed he was only to focus on the future back to full fitness as soon as possible.

‘I do not care about the future, I think the normal, “continued Ronaldo.’ Normal rest, is my head, my body to have a good recovery and the future belongs to God, not me.”

Hello world!

July 21, 2008

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